My research areas include graduate and professional student development, interdisciplinary education, organization development, community engagement, international education, and medical education. I’m interested in how curriculum development and delivery can lead to organizational change in higher education, and how higher education can best prepare students for careers in a world where collaborative solutions are needed to solve complex challenges. I enjoy the iterative process of learning and applying lessons to my work and teaching.

Check out one of my recent collaborations that proposes a conceptual framework for mentoring to advance global health, or learn more about my dissertation on international service-learning in medical education.


I have led workshops and academic sessions for undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. I am part of an interdisciplinary team that teaches a Grand Challenges course on ecosystems health and policy for undergraduate and graduate students, and also teach an undergraduate course on contemporary public policy. As a teacher, I adapt content and delivery to fit audience needs in an interactive and engaging style.

Interested in more? See my publications, presentations, and teaching experience on my full CV here.