I am a higher education professional based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. In both my academic and professional career I have dedicated myself to reaching across boundaries to develop innovative approaches for diverse groups to collaborate on complex challenges. This work involves embracing what is challenging, challenging what is taken for granted, and empowering individuals to work collectively as leaders to solve our shared problems. This approach is a lens through which I work in the areas of education, global health and development, policy, and leadership.

I have a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development from the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development. My experience blends the practitioner and scholarly fields of evaluation, curriculum design, adult education, global health, systems and design thinking, and institutionalization of transformative change efforts in higher education. As a practitioner I manage the administration and operations of a historic educational program that addresses¬†healthcare needs of Minnesotans in underserved rural and metropolitan areas. As a scholar I explore community engagement and service-learning in health professions education from an institutional level, highlighting the role of a higher education institution in promoting, regulating, and sustaining experiential education initiatives.

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